Delivery Date: Due to the high demand for some products, the delivery date could be adjusted. However, our team will discuss the options with you when we can’t meet your request. 

Images: We buy meat only from CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) registered/ approved and third-party audited meat plants. Due to the natural variation of the animal (age, breed, size etc), the product you receive may be slightly different from the images on the website, even though we keep the product specifications the same all the time. Most of the pictures are taken in a fresh state, even though the products you receive are frozen state. Specially meat colour can be drastically different with the packages. When the product is vacuum packed, the steak colour turns brown due to lack of Oxygen. After taking the packaging off, the product colour will return to red slowly.

Prices: Product price can be adjusted according to the raw material market price.

Weight: Product weight can have a weight tolerance +/- 2.5% of the product weight.

Return Policy: Due to food safety regulations and concerns associated with meat products, we DO NOT accept returns. However, if you are not satisfied with the order or report damaged products, you can email within 7 days of delivery. Please attach some pictures to describe the problem when applicable.

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